Step Aside Betty Crocker…

Introducing my new favorite cupcake baker: Nicole Godshall

Not only is she my favorite cupcake baker, she is one of my greatest friends…and hopefully with a little more practice, a lot more taste-testing sessions (yes, please!) and the “OK” nod from her hubby, she will be able to venture out into possibly opening a cupcake shop of her own in the neighborhood village. If you are in and around the Charlotte area and would like to place an order, contact Nicole here.

These aren’t just your regular joe-shmoe cupcakes…she whips up these amazing concoctions from scratch that involve words like ganache and manages to look amazing in her apron (you know how i love aprons!)…Yesterday’s experiment was the “Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache” recipe (via CupCakeBlog)

AMAZING…simply amazing…I was nearby sticking my finger in each of the bowls…taste-testing (it’s my job…duh!) throughout the whole process. She even let me lick the spatula! I really hope she opens her own cupcake shop one day (soon!!) because I’ve already been hired as the Official Taste Tester…the OTT that is. Enjoy!

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