National Stationary Show 2009…Best of the Best

A friend at work shared this little secret of awesome-ness with me earlier this year. Because of an event here in Charlotte, I couldn’t make the trip to NYC for the National Stationary Show which is wrapping up today, but I am determined to make it up in 2010.

I’ve perused the many vendors that did make it this year, and there were some AMAZING pieces showcased from so many talented artists. I have a growing obsession with handcrafted invitations and even more so with letterpress…Here are my three favorites from the show:

Voted Best in Show this year: Kamal
(image via Design*Sponge)

I’m completely in LOVE with the reusable gift wrap and more amazing pieces from Chewing the Cud in San Francisco.

to wrap up my favorites from the show, here is a taste of the latest and greatest from SusyJack* in NYC

Enjoy these inspiring pieces and more featured at Design*Sponge!

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