Top 10 Favs of Fall

Fall officially started last week and today I’m STILL in my pajamas while it is 72 degrees and raining outside…for those in the Charlotte, NC area, you know rain is that thing that we haven’t seen in quite a while and anything under 92 degrees…forget about it, only at night:) This can only mean one thing (hopefully) my FAVORITE season is slowly making an appearance and with it comes my annual Top 10 Favs of Fall list (3 years and running…) I think this is one of the my beautiful of the four seasons…the coolness, the colors…it’s always a magical season to me. There are some things on this Top 10 list that will always and forever REMAIN there, but there are some new items this year, so enjoy:


10. Camping I didn’t get to go camping last year, but it is something that I absolutely LOVE doing. I WILL go camping this year, even if I have to pitch the tent in our own backyard…it will happen:) I would prefer to camp in the mountains somewhere, but for me there is a small window of time before it gets too cold to enjoy camping, so needs to be before November I think…

9. Fall Shows! I usually don’t watch much television, but with Glee, Modern Family, Gossip Girl (i know, bad…), Cougar Town, The Office and 30 Rock…um, I might be watching more than I usually do. I absolutely LOVE Glee and 30 Rock, they make me laugh like I haven’t laughed since FRIENDS…it’s true:)

8. Soup..Soup and MORE Soup I actually like soup year-round, but during the fall, I like try out different hearty soup recipes…last year, Jay and I toyed around with Pumpkin Apple Bisque and it was awesome! This year (especially since I’ve been on a Kale kick) I want  to try this Kale & White Bean Soup from RealSimple…in addition to the chilis, bisques and other soups I’ll be making this season. What’s your favorite soup recipe?? Do share!

Anthropologie Fall Collection

7. Scarves & Boots – Every September…Fall Fashion Week in NYC, never been in person (yet!) but I look forward to it every year. I’m not really the trendsetter kind of gal when it comes to my actual clothes, I typically stay true to the comfortable staples that stay through every trend season, but in my heart of hearts –  I would LOVE to wear trendy things, but for some reason I can’t visualize outfits on the spot…if I could just shop the outfit and not individual pieces…nevertheless, until that happens…All the layers, all the textures and fabric, oh I love it – the scarves and the boots are among my favorites! A good scarf can make a blah outfit look awesome, ya know? I LOVE the fall 2010 trends so far, the leather, the plaid, the patchwork…but NOT these clogs…disaster 😦

6. Cookouts & S’mores  – An almost-perfect night for me: the smell of a wood-burning fire, complete with grilling and ooey, gooey S’mores and our closest friends and family…Oh please, let’s do a LOT of these this season?!?

5. Fall Crafts – Let the games begin! I can always count on Martha Stewart this time of year to come out of the woodwork (literally) with some fabulous craft ideas…look at these CUTE twig coasters (above) or these sweet gum place-settings…my first craft of the season will be to make one of these adorable book wreaths that I saw on Living with Lindsay’s blog last year…check it out:)

4. Pumpkin Spice Latte (and maybe the Toffee Mocha…) I can count of Starbucks EVERY year to release the goodness that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte…now Jay and I have been eating MUCH better than we used local farmers’ markets, watching our sugar intake, etc., so I was a little worried about my favorite indulgence with a whopping 380 calories, 13 grams of fat, 51 grams of carbohydrates and 49 grams of sugar…whoa baby! So…my compromise…Tall instead of Grande, Non-fat Milk instead of 2%, without whip is 200 calories, 0 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbs and 38 grams of sugar…if I’m rewarding myself…I’ll get all of the above, but WITH whip for just an extra 60 calories:) Not too shabby and I can STILL enjoy my favorite seasonal drink! BTW – Have any of you tried the new Toffee drink? Is it worth it??

3. Changing Leaves – I’ve heard people say they hate the fall because everything starts dying, but how can you not LOVE the turning colors of leaves?? Seriously, there is something so surreal and so beautiful with the changing of seasons…in nature and within our own lives – deep, huh? Think about that for a moment and how your life really does consists of seasons – happy seasons, sad seasons, mis-directed seasons and seasons of extreme joy…to be able to stop for a moment and appreciate the seasons, that truly is a special thing:)

2. Thanksgiving – The food, the decor, everything…Thanksgiving is hands-down one of my favorite holidays…the reminder to be thankful for everything we have should definitely happen more than once a year, but how great is it to celebrate and be thankful with friends and family…This will be the fourth year of annual friends’ Thanksgiving Feast!! Each year, our “second family” gathers together for a traditional feast…this last year we added three new seats for Sweet Magnolia, Ethne and Mr. Ames Emmanuel, and this year, we will add another seat (or high chair, rather) for Baby Micah Stanfield…We are truly thankful for our growing “second family”!!

1. Our Anniversary – Four years ago, this November, I married my best friend, Jay A. Masanotti – and just like the seasons in life, there are definitely seasons in marriage and through those seasons, we have been through a LOT – hard, sad, happy, disappointed, joyful…I feel like we’ve already been through the full gamut of emotions and yet, there is no other person in the entire world I would rather do all of that with…Happy four years and here’s to many, many more, my beloved!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Favs of Fall

  1. Dad

    I’m down at the beach tonight, worked here all day, talked with your mom, got a quick bite and went to see the movie “Morning Glory”!!! You know I think Rachel MacAdams is great, not only because I think that she is a fine young actress, but also because she reminds me of my girls. She’s cute and, of course, I think my girls are so verrry beautiful, as is their mother. However, her role in this most recent movie caused my thoughts to drift towards my eldest. (Spoiler) She faced several obstacles and missteps, but NEVER lost faith or failed to give her best with an effervescence that made me smile. Jessica, you have always made my heart smile. Your spirit is infectious and my heart swells as I reflect on who you are and, what I believe, God has in store for you. I learned through the brevity of my dad’s life that longevity is not always a factor in “making your mark” and this is confirmed over and over as I witness the influence you have on those whose paths you have crossed. Your mother is, in my life, the greatest of God’s creation and the finest compliment I could offer is to opine that you are so much her daughter!!!! I am blessed by who you are and what your life represents!!! I love you, Dad.


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