Make It Monday: Tangled

Turn of the year and I set out on a new mission to clean the clutter! One of my most cluttered areas is my jewelry bag/box…ugh whatever it has morphed into. I’ve tried a couple things over the last few years, but none of these purchased or crafty methods have worked. I’m looking for something new…something creative…something that will organize my earrings, necklaces, rings and knick knacks. My first stop was Martha Stewart because we all know that that woman bleeds creative…here’s what I found:

{Solaana’s Jewelry Storage}

{bluebird heaven}

This next one is the one I am going to try to make this week. I got a wonderful gift certificate to the Sleepy Poet from my dear friend, Lorean, and that thing has been burning a HOLE in my pocket since I got it:) Looks like I’ll have to go take a gander and pick up some cutsie antique bowls and dishes like this:

{flikr: decorology}

So what are your ideas? How to you organize your accessories? Please share!

7 thoughts on “Make It Monday: Tangled

  1. Reeves

    I love that you’re blogging again. I LOVE the antique tea cup and plate idea. I’ve never seen that. AND I have a printer’s tray just like the one in the picture that i have dried flowers in as wall decor but I’m sick of it now. I was wondering what I could do differently with it and I might try it as a jewelry organizer. My friend hangs her necklaces on her door knob, which I thought was handy, but I like your ideas better.


  2. Ashley

    I’m loving these new posts! I have always had the same struggles of what to do with all my jewelry. I went to Lowe’s and bought a pegboard. I added some paint and some stencil (due to my artistic ability) design to make it more attractive. The pegboard hooks come in different sizes so you have thinner/smaller ones for dainty pieces and then you have thicker/longer ones for heavy/chunky pieces. You decide where the hooks go so you can make it where no necklace hits another necklace and everything is layed out nice and neat AND you can see everything! I stuck mine in my closet on a wall and LOVE it! Just another idea 🙂


  3. Kara

    I love the last idea – that is such a creative way to store jewelry. I use a large jewelry box (from Costco of all places)to store my earrings, rings, braclets, watches and delicate necklaces, but have this vintage hook rack sort of thing on the wall for my long necklaces and beads. But I need more hooks now – I might do an entire wall for them – it’s like instant art!


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