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Happy Monday to you! This weekend was GORGEOUS…but dang, living in the Carolinas has taken it’s toll on me…I now have allergies! Yuck! I’ve got two boxes of tissues stacked up on my desk to help me make it through today – anyone else feelin’ it worse this year?

In other news, this weekend we found out a handful of our friends are preggo again! So stinkin’ excited for them, so in the spirit of babies…today’s “Make it Monday” is on handmade baby mobiles. Not that there’s anything wrong with the baby mobiles you can buy in the store like this one:

But if you can make it on your own, you can save money and you can personalize it for your baby or for someone else’s. A few years ago when my buddies were starting to have their first babies, I dove right into the world of handmade baby mobiles. For my friend Nicole, I made a paper owl mobile for sweet baby Magnolia and for my friend April, I made a twig and butterfly mobile for baby Ethne. It was a great way to give something personal and it also provided fun decoration at their baby showers. If I can find a photo of either, I will try to post it soon. But in the meantime, here are some of my most favorite baby mobiles from around the web:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Red Umbrella Mobile via Pinterest

Love the simplicity and colors in this Blossom Baby Mobile featured on Swiss Miss

This is similar to the Butterfly Mobile that I’ll try to find, but I LOVE this fabric hearts mobile via Pinterest, so precious!

and last, I wanted to feature one of the most creative mobiles I’ve ever seen by one of the most creative ladies I know, Mrs. Laura Short – Go check out her blog, She made this mobile for our friend, Kara, who is in the processing of adopting (hopefully soon!!) – Check out her blog too while you’re at it!

So whether you are having a baby soon or you know someone who is, think about handmaking a baby mobile…there are so many great ideas and ways to personalize it and MUCH cheaper too:) Have a good week, friends!

5 thoughts on “Make It Monday | Baby-Mania

  1. Kara

    Hey Jess, I just tried your new button and it’s not showing up with the code you’ve written. Is there a new way to do it besides copying/pasting the code into a web part?


  2. Jessica Masanotti

    that button thing is so crazy…okay I tried to fix it now…so let me know if it still doesn’t work – Thanks for the heads up!


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