Thrifty Tuesday

I’m not sure why I am obsessed with “naming” days of the week for these blog posts…maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to come up with something more creative…actually that’s probably it – so sorry, excuse the laziness of the title:)

Did you know that April and May are the best months to shop thrift stores??

Spring cleaning and folks clearing out homes after the winter creates a huge influx of donations of furniture, clothes and more at these stores in April and May. So be sure to drop in and find great deals for your home and more. Jay and I absolutely LOVE to thrift and most of the stuff in our house was bought second hand. Atlanta has my favorite thrift stores, but the Salvation Army on Central Avenue in Charlotte is a local favorite as well. Look around for yard sales too! April and May are PRIME months for yard sales. I’ve seen almost 10 or more in the last two weekends…but go early, like 6:30am…the good stuff goes FAST.

Another way to save moola this spring is to dust off your library card…or go register for one at your local bookstore. At the school I work at, our students walk once a week to Imaginon, a children’s library, to check out books. I LOVE that in the world of iPads, Nooks and more, that our students are still exposed to the paper book…they know the feeling of curling up in a chair and the smell of the musty pages in actual books. Don’t get me wrong, I will join the iPad craze VERY SOON, but for me, they won’t replace actual books…I just refuse to let it… But you can get a LOT more than just books at your local library. You can check out newly released movies or tv shows for free, most city libraries have museum passes that you can check out and go to your local museums for free AND you can check out books and books and more books without cluttering your home.

We also cut our cable almost 6 months ago and bought a digital antenna for our TV…digital rabbit ears, if you will. We’ve saved more than $300 already and haven’t missed a show. We pick up every local network station and then for cable shows, we attach our computer to our TV to watch shows via Hulu, MegaVideo or Sidereel. I recently finished the entire Sex and the City series between Sidereel and MegaVideo…hello FREE!

and my last tip for Spring Frugality…

RESIST the urge to turn on the air conditioner too soon! I know if you have babies or kids, you might decide enough is enough a little earlier but opening the windows at night and during the day and running fans will help keep your home cool. Also, try grilling food outside…cooking on the stove or in the oven will increase the heat in your home.

I’m trying to hold out until the end of June…who’s with me?!



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