Head over…

to my friend Jessi’s blog, Naptime Diaries, to read a special guest post from my friend, Kara!

Letter for Those Longing to Be Mothers

Kara has a blog as well where she writes beautiful things about her journey through the “I” word and her family’s journey through the adoption process.



Also on a COMPLETELY different note, this week has been crazy beginning with the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s capture and death. It’s been a struggle as I just got back into Facebook after giving it up for Lent…I struggled because folks were flocking to the web to pour out some CRAZY…I mean, CRAZY, statements and judgements and just really EXTREME opinions about the whole thing.

I got into it a little on my own “wall” and then just gave up b/c I’m just not quite sure what kind of meaningful dialogue can truly happen over Facebook wall posts…so, the pastor of my church, Renovatus, wrote a blog titled “Osamagate” and beautifully described what the Christian response should be in a situation like this…then followed with another “Osamagate, pt. 2” post in response to the comments he received regarding his first post.

If you were wondering if a church like this actually existed…I’m here to tell you it does. Right here in Charlotte, NC. I love it!

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