Craft | Outdoor Origami

I LOVE origami! Remember those little star things you used to make as kids where you start with a square and fold the corners, etc., to make this moveable star? You put colors on the outer triangles, numbers on the inside and then fortunes on the inner triangles. “Pick a color…Pick a number {move star the number of times} then pick another number…You will marry Jordan Knight {NKOTB} and live on a Yacht”


Well it is supposed to be a hot, humid 97 degrees here in the Carolinas today and while it’s not the ideal weather for a mid-day picnic, I LOVE the evenings. It stays light later and the temperature cools…like 7-8pm is my favorite time outside right now. Today I wanted to feature some fun picnic origami crafts for you and maybe get you inspired to have some friends over for a late night picnic of sorts:)

speaking of those stars:)

See those stars can do more than just tell fortunes, they can hold fixins’ for a sundae party OR toppings for popcorn if you wanted to host an outdoor movie (see here).

paper flowers = FAVS

I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper flowers and these are super easy to make with random tissue paper. See here for the step-by-step instructions to make these beauties.

must purchase a melon

Click here for the instructions to make these adorable pouches…perfect for outdoor snacks!

martha is a genius. straight up.

Um excuse me, cuteness?! Who knew a beautiful table cloth could double as a picnic basket?! Click here for the details.

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas flowing and you put them into use this week. I’m headed to a pancake party tonight so I might use a couple of these ideas too. Happy folding!

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