DIY | Sideboards/Buffets

Okay wow…I know.

It’s been forever. We’ve been unpacking our lives in our new place (which I absolutely LOVE) and things have been crazy busy…more on that later. For today, I wanted to share with you a little DIY project that Jay and I worked on for our new space. Storage is limited in our little condo, so we knew we needed something in the dining room to help me hide all our stuff…enter Sideboard…or dining room Buffet…either would do.

We searched for a couple weeks. I researched online, went to Sleepy Poet and finally we found this gem for $50 at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

it has potential

Now it’s only partially wood…the majority of it is particle board or something like that so painting it would be challenging…or so it would’ve been five years ago! Now we have products like Rust-O-Leum that you can use to paint ANYTHING. Don’t like the look of your cabinets or countertops?? PAINT THEM. This stuff really is super awesome.

So here starts the transformation…photo heavy from here on out:)

first coat...
first coat finished...color is more this than blue

next step...shoe polish:)
use the shoe polish along all creases and edges
the man behind the magic
three coats of paint {all different shades} + shoe polish
the finished product!
and again for good measure...

Take that Sleepy Poet! Now…I’m on the search for fun knobs to replace these, but in the meantime…my husband is totally boss for doing this and it is BEAUTIFUL. Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “DIY | Sideboards/Buffets

  1. chance

    Wow, that’s awesome Jessica. I really love how that project turned out and the little that is visible of your dining room looks outstanding!


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