Diet, Schmiet

It’s on tv, it’s on the news, it’s on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every magazine cover for the month of January…New Year = New Year’s Resolutions = Dieting and Exercise for EVERYONE!

Here’s the thing, I’ve never really been one to hop on the dieting train…no, I’m not super skinny nor have I ever been a bajillion pounds, but I’ve always been of the mindset that if you eat SMART, splurging in MODERATION for the sweet stuff every once in awhile, you don’t NEED to diet.

pretty bacon

Being a lover of food, I can’t think of one thing that I would be willing to give up forever. One huge reason why I could never be a vegetarian is because I could NOT give up bacon. That stuff is just legit and don’t you dare suggest I drop it for that turkey bacon substitute {YUCK}. It’s NOT the same and I don’t care who you are or how you “make it”…it’s FULL of sodium and not at ALL like the real stuff. BUT…I’m not going around eating a whole pound {I COULD though…boy, I could} of the good stuff in one sitting either or even everyday…just a couple slices once in awhile…in moderation, people.


So I don’t believe in diets…they’re so temporary…like a band-aid over a wound that will just open right back up after it’s removed. Stick to the good stuff, the real stuff {vs. processed} and the sustainable…think organic, local, fair trade and all-natural {really and NOT just the labels…do your research}. Fruit and veggies are KEY! Keep it colorful. If you’re going to eat meat, try to stick to the all-natural farm raised, grass fed whatevers or the wild caught sustainable fishies. Limit your sugars, breads and dairy. Don’t completely cut out, just limit…in moderation.

Pay attention to what certain foods do to your body or how they make you feel after you eat. For women especially, certain foods don’t jive as well during the “lady time” as others. Portion size…good lord, most restaurant meals equal at least 3-4 servings when you should really enjoy only 1 serving of that delicious meal. Don’t worry, no one is making you clean your plate folks…eat what you need to be full.

I mean, if you have that luxury to eat what you need to be full {when SO MANY do not}, be a good steward of that blessing. We can only be in control of our own bodies, so the food we put in those bodies should be helpful…not harmful. Dieting doesn’t work because you’re limiting certain types of foods in order to follow diet rules or meet a calorie restriction…but depriving yourself a balanced meal can result in lack of satisfaction, which is not sustainable…which is why most people don’t stick to said diet.

So for 2012, instead of the usual dieting binge, resolve to eat smart, eat good and be thankful you even have food to eat.

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