#InfluenceConf Recap

It’s taken me a full week to finally sit down and put my thoughts on paper (or on screen, rather). After the incredible Influence Conference last weekend, I had about a million thoughts running through my head and if I tried to write my recap before now, it would have been a indecipherable mess.

For the few people I talked to since I returned last Sunday, I want every woman I know (and even those I don’t) to go to the Influence Conference next year. My preconceived notions that this conference was really more for bloggers could not have been further from the truth.



This is a conference by women, for ALL women.

This is a conference where truth is revealed and spoken over the lives and hearts of women.

This is a conference where women pull their rightful seat up to the table that their Creator has specifically made for them.

This is a conference for women who are tired of living their lives ruled by fear, shame, busyness and the endless pursuit of chasing perfection over purpose.

This is a conference for you and for me.


There’s no way I can fully share all the things I learned in this one blog post because I’m pretty sure WordPress has a word count limit. But I will try to take the next few days to share some of the amazing nuggets of goodness that rocked my face off.

I will try to share those arrows of grace that pierced the hardened walls of my heart.

I will try to share the fingers of truth that peeled back the layers and layers of hurt, disappoint and shame that have enveloped me over the past few years.


Bear with me, this may get a little messy.

I’m glad there’s no mirror while I type these things because you would see some ugly-crying for sure.


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