Have Fork, Will Travel | NYC

“One belongs to New York instantly,
one belongs to it as much in five minutes
as in five years.”

― Tom Wolfe

My love affair with New York initially began somewhere around my senior year of high school in 2000. I had threatened to quit the marching band every single year (bc those uniforms look good on NO one). But every year, my band director managed to pull me back in and this time, it was to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and explore New York City. We saw the Radio City Rockettes, we saw Phantom on Broadway, and all the while, I was falling fast and hard in love.

 4940_711426423707_3501942_n IMG_2027
(Pictured: Marie & Me in 2009 // Marie & Me in 2018)

Fast forward a few years, my best friend Marie moved to the City in 2006 and I was on the FIRST plane up to visit as soon as I could. We started a list over email of ALL. THE. PLACES. to visit, see, go eat, etc. and we made a weekend of it. We managed to walk around almost the entire island of Manhattan and with every step, I grew deeper and deeper in love. That was my first official trip flying by myself, navigating by myself and it was an experience that truly transformed me. I belonged and I became ALIVE in a way I had never before.


Since then, J & I have traveled to NYC a couple times per year for the past 12 years (Lady A has even been twice already and she’s only 2…and yes, she’s hooked too<3). A few years back I started planning our trips on a Google Doc — adding exhibits, museums, restaurants, happy hours, rooftop bars, brunch places, experiences and more…As you can imagine, 10+ years later, this Google Doc is pretty robust.

My OCD and constant need to plan ahead has proven to be VERY helpful when traveling, preparing itineraries and in general, making the MOST of our trips by squeezing as much as possible in the time we are there.

Last week, I had the honor of accompanying my sister, the pharmacist, on her trip to the Integrative Health Symposium in NYC. Knowing she would be tied up during the day with her seminars, I jumped at the opportunity to “go where the wind (and rain in this case) took me” for these few days in my favorite City. I visited with friends — new and old — and I took time to wander the streets, popping in and out of some of my favorite stores. I enjoyed some much-needed bonding (and self-care) time with my dear friend, Marie, and some super sweet time with my sister.

This trip was unlike many of the others because the pace was slow, it was relaxed, easy-going and incredibly enjoyable. After 10+ years, we’ve seen most of the touristy spots, so now when we visit, we really do try to wander around and soak up the truly unique New York lifestyle.

Highlights from this trip included:

  • A personal tour of THE gorgeous Food52 test kitchen & office from an incredible new friend, Megan.
  • Spent special time with almost ALL of my favorite New Yorkers (looking at you Marie, Mere & Lila)
  • Visited The Met before they ended their “suggested donation” option (FYI – they now charge full admission for everyone, unless you’re a local)
  • BREAKFAST/BRUNCH…sure, it’s my favorite meal of the day, and the lunches and dinners were GREAT, BUT cheers to Buvette, Egg Shop, Butcher’s Daughter and Cookshop for delivering my favorite meals of the trip!
  • The OGs — these are the places we come to almost every trip and they never disappoint — Amelie Wine Bar (holla $12 wine flights<3), Comedy Cellar & Freeman’s
  • Cappuccinos. Just in general. I think I drank 4-5 a day and I think I’m still riding my caffeine-high a week later. #sorrynotsorry

Looking to travel to New York and need some recommendations or even a travel buddy to show you around (my favorite!)? Shoot me an email or leave a comment.

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