Busy Summer for UglySpots

Hello!! Sorry, I’m lame when it comes to blogging…it’s one of those things I think about doing everyday, sometimes even getting close enough by having a blog idea in mind…but somehow I get distracted. I joke with my co-workers that most people have “trains” of thought, but I just have an array of disconnected “cabooses”…so here’s today’s caboose for you:)

I’ve been so blessed this summer to get multiple invitation jobs…from a fun recipe-themed bridal shower to a sexy lingerie shower…all handmade (dear Lord, I would LOVE to get this…would make cutting a LOT easier)…

So here is a sample of the recipe bridal shower invite:

The corset lingerie shower invitation:

and finally, the blooming baby shower invitation:

A few more to come…but in the meantime, enjoy and let me know what you think! For more information about UglySpots Invitations and pricing, please email me here.

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