Foodie Friday: Collard Me GREEN

So, did anyone brave last week’s recipe?? I KNOW Eggs Benedict are intimidating, but once you try it once, it gets easier. Last week’s recipe was DELICIOUS and absolutely perfect following our after-work-workout time…the salmon and the eggs were filling without leaving your feeling over-stuffed. Well, if you didn’t try it, keep it in your recipe stash for another time. Here are some pics from this week’s recipe adventure:

Now…for this week’s recipe, I decided to search far and wide for collard recipes. I know, I know…collards are SOOOOO “two-weeks ago”…I did make collards for new years, but I have a TON left…just sitting in my refrigerator threatening to go bad and make me regret buying fresh collards (side note: why do they sell them in HUGE bunches anyway…seems a bit overkill to me?!)

So, I’ve looked all over for non-new year’s dinner-type recipes and I think I found a good one:

White-Bean Chili – Enjoy!!
{Click Image Below to See Recipe}

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  • I think they sell collard greens in big bunches so you’ll host a dinner party and cook for a big group. 😉

    I love these recipes. The eggs are still on my to-do’s – we had the flu last week but we’ll try it this week!

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