Happy Summer 2010!

Well, the school year is finally over and we have begun “Summer Hours” (9am-4pm). I should be able to blog A LOT more often now that school isn’t as crazy. This summer seems rather short, but I’m going to try and make the best of it…so without further adieu here is my Summer Fun 2010 list:

– Go rafting at the Whitewater Center
– Climb a tree
– Go hiking on Crowder’s Mountain
– Go fishing with my hubby
– Take Bella & Champ to a dog park
– Go for a bike ride
– Visit Marie & Geoff in NYC (booked!) – Done!
– Go to the beach – Done!
– Read a book in our hammock – Done!
– Do P90x (for real!)…that one gets a half-crossout…I’m trying people…
– Go see a baseball game – Done!
– Go camping
– Watch fireflies – Done!
– Picnic in Freedom Park
– See a drive-in movie
– Visit Charlotte’s Museums
– Go to Pops in the Park
– Host a brunch
– Get a massage
– Drink wine on a porch with friends – Done!
– Letterpress more
– See Eclipse at Midnight!! – Done!
– Start a journal – Done!
– Eat a new, local restaurants…like this one!

I’ll try to keep this list updated as I complete my “tasks”, so what’s on your list this summer?? What adventures will you have?? I hope you can take some time and really try to do something…anything fun and out of the ordinary!

Happy summer to you:)

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