On the Hunt

for furniture. I know what you’re probably thinking…weren’t you just whining about all the crap you needed to purge and sell at this yard sale?! Yes. Yes I was.

I don’t need just ANY furniture. I need something special…actually three special pieces…and these three pieces need to provide me which some MAJOR storage function-age.

Our kitchen has one wall of cabinets…9 cabinets and 4 drawers to be exact. That’s not even HALF of the cabinet storage I have now. And it’s a small kitchen…no room for an table or anything…so I am on the search for a super cute kitchen cart/shelf unit. It needs to be somewhat slim, but have a couple drawers and/or cabinets and I’m thinking a cutting board top or something like that?

Here are some I’ve been scoping out:

I guess it doesn’t actually need to be a cart, it could be a slim shelving unit…possibly like these DIY kitchen islands:

Another piece I am on the hunt for is a fun sideboard/buffet for our dining room. We will need the storage space {desperately} for all the fun serve-ware I’ve accumulated over the years that I REFUSE to part with.

I found this beauty at Sleepy Poet today and for only $295, it is on my mind heavily…but I’m still looking:

and I found this one too…it’s a little cheaper but not as fun in color…i LOVE ^ that green!!

Here are some others I found on the web…

So if you are out and about, will you help me scope out some gems…I’m not opposed to DIY either…might actually be a fun thing to cove on the blog, so just let me know.

I’ll leave you with this photo from design*sponge. This is my ideal pantry…it reminds me of my friend, Nicole, she has the most organized pantry of anyone I know (and always has FUN snacks in there too!). I will probably have to commission her to come help me organize my stuff once we move:)


Emersonmade on design*sponge

Happy Tuesday!

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  • I love this post! love that green cabinet(as I already said on facebook) and I would die for a pantry like that. SIGH. one day!!!!

  • I LOVE that navy blue piece!!! Can’t believe how gorgeous that came out. I want to do something like that!!

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