Pay It Forward – January 2011

So awhile back a couple friends of mine introduced me to Mark & Jessie Mathis and their band, Public Radio. I don’t actually know Mark and Jessie too well in person, but I’ve been an avid follower of Jessie’s blog about their sweet daughter, Sparrow Song for the last couple of months. Some of my best friends are actually good friends with this extraordinary couple and from what I hear, they are pretty stellar. I finally got the chance to see Public Radio live a couple weeks ago when they played at the One Amazing Kid Reunion Show and I LOVED them.

They are trying to produce a new album and the way they are doing it is really revolutionary in my mind. Through a project called Kickstarter, they are trying to raise funds directly from fans in order to produce their album. Did you know that less than 5% of music is purchased legitimately?? So, please enjoy this amazing video created by my good friends at Ed*Field Pictures, take a listen to Public Radio’s previous work and consider a donation today! A donation of $10 gets you a digital copy of the new album before it’s public release:)


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