Spring Has Sprung…

and Uglyspots Studio is officially out of hibernation. I am so sorry to have taken such a LONG hiatus from blogging. Life has been a whirlwind since the beginning of the year and honestly I tend to go into hide-away mode during the cold winter months. I truly function differently with the seasons. I thrive in fall(its my favorite), reflect in winter, become alive again in spring and venture out in the summer. Spring has officially begun…with the warmer temperatures, the leaves on the trees, the birds DEVOURING the bird seed in our feeder and I am feeling more and more alive & adventurous with each day.

I recently switched everything over from my old blog to this new one, so I guess this is my first official post on the newly launched Uglyspots Studio blog. I really hope to update often with all sorts of things…new designs, new recipes, new parties and new thoughts. Today is such a beautiful day outside, I can’t justify staying inside too long, so here are a few pictures of life as of recent (winter to spring 2010) – Enjoy 🙂

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