Craft | Outdoor Origami

I LOVE origami! Remember those little star things you used to make as kids where you start with a square and fold the corners, etc., to make this moveable star? You put colors on the outer triangles, numbers on the inside and then fortunes on the inner triangles. “Pick a color…Pick a number {move star the number of times} then pick another number…You will marry Jordan Knight {NKOTB} and live on a Yacht”


Well it is supposed to be a hot, humid 97 degrees here in the Carolinas today and while it’s not the ideal weather for a mid-day picnic, I LOVE the evenings. It stays light later and the temperature cools…like 7-8pm is my favorite time outside right now. Today I wanted to feature some fun picnic origami crafts for you and maybe get you inspired to have some friends over for a late night picnic of sorts:)

speaking of those stars:)

See those stars can do more than just tell fortunes, they can hold fixins’ for a sundae party OR toppings for popcorn if you wanted to host an outdoor movie (see here).

paper flowers = FAVS

I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper flowers and these are super easy to make with random tissue paper. See here for the step-by-step instructions to make these beauties.

must purchase a melon

Click here for the instructions to make these adorable pouches…perfect for outdoor snacks!

martha is a genius. straight up.

Um excuse me, cuteness?! Who knew a beautiful table cloth could double as a picnic basket?! Click here for the details.

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas flowing and you put them into use this week. I’m headed to a pancake party tonight so I might use a couple of these ideas too. Happy folding!

Make It Monday: V-Day FEVER

Have you got it yet?? The Valentine’s Day FEVER?! I do…in a major way. In my blog-reading a couple weeks ago, I stumbled on The Stationery Place’s blog to see she had announced a handmade Valentine Swap.

I signed up as soon as I read it!! Here’s the deal: everyone submitted their name and address to Lyndsey. She compiled and emailed 5 different names/addresses to each person. Each person is to handmake 5-6 valentines and get in the mail to their list this week. How fun is that?!

I might try to do something LIKE this soon for another holiday. It sounds really cool! Would you participate if I launched a project like this?? I hope so…I mean, the internet is great but NOTHING beats a handwritten note in the mail…doesn’t everyone like getting REAL mail??

So in the spirit of all things love-y and valentines-esque, here is today’s craft challenge…homemade Valentine’s:

Martha Stewart dot com has a ton of super creative card ideas, but she also has really creative V-day decor like this super cute heart doilies:

I recently received my February issue of Better Homes and Gardens and they published a whole section of super cute and crafty Valentines like this…

and this…

and for the more “I-don’t-want-to-do-a-traditional-card” folks, here’s a crafty V-day example from one of my most FAVORITE blogs, Oh Hello Friend

I hope these examples motivate you to go craft your own personal Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones. Happy V-day!!

PS: Don’t forget about the Moleskine Giveaway! Contest ends this Thursday!!

Make It Monday: Tangled

Turn of the year and I set out on a new mission to clean the clutter! One of my most cluttered areas is my jewelry bag/box…ugh whatever it has morphed into. I’ve tried a couple things over the last few years, but none of these purchased or crafty methods have worked. I’m looking for something new…something creative…something that will organize my earrings, necklaces, rings and knick knacks. My first stop was Martha Stewart because we all know that that woman bleeds creative…here’s what I found:

{Solaana’s Jewelry Storage}

{bluebird heaven}

This next one is the one I am going to try to make this week. I got a wonderful gift certificate to the Sleepy Poet from my dear friend, Lorean, and that thing has been burning a HOLE in my pocket since I got it:) Looks like I’ll have to go take a gander and pick up some cutsie antique bowls and dishes like this:

{flikr: decorology}

So what are your ideas? How to you organize your accessories? Please share!