DIY | Sideboards/Buffets

Okay wow…I know.

It’s been forever. We’ve been unpacking our lives in our new place (which I absolutely LOVE) and things have been crazy busy…more on that later. For today, I wanted to share with you a little DIY project that Jay and I worked on for our new space. Storage is limited in our little condo, so we knew we needed something in the dining room to help me hide all our stuff…enter Sideboard…or dining room Buffet…either would do.

We searched for a couple weeks. I researched online, went to Sleepy Poet and finally we found this gem for $50 at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

it has potential

Now it’s only partially wood…the majority of it is particle board or something like that so painting it would be challenging…or so it would’ve been five years ago! Now we have products like Rust-O-Leum that you can use to paint ANYTHING. Don’t like the look of your cabinets or countertops?? PAINT THEM. This stuff really is super awesome.

So here starts the transformation…photo heavy from here on out:)

first coat...
first coat finished...color is more this than blue

next step...shoe polish:)
use the shoe polish along all creases and edges
the man behind the magic
three coats of paint {all different shades} + shoe polish
the finished product!
and again for good measure...

Take that Sleepy Poet! Now…I’m on the search for fun knobs to replace these, but in the meantime…my husband is totally boss for doing this and it is BEAUTIFUL. Happy Tuesday!

On the Hunt

for furniture. I know what you’re probably thinking…weren’t you just whining about all the crap you needed to purge and sell at this yard sale?! Yes. Yes I was.

I don’t need just ANY furniture. I need something special…actually three special pieces…and these three pieces need to provide me which some MAJOR storage function-age.

Our kitchen has one wall of cabinets…9 cabinets and 4 drawers to be exact. That’s not even HALF of the cabinet storage I have now. And it’s a small kitchen…no room for an table or anything…so I am on the search for a super cute kitchen cart/shelf unit. It needs to be somewhat slim, but have a couple drawers and/or cabinets and I’m thinking a cutting board top or something like that?

Here are some I’ve been scoping out:

I guess it doesn’t actually need to be a cart, it could be a slim shelving unit…possibly like these DIY kitchen islands:

Another piece I am on the hunt for is a fun sideboard/buffet for our dining room. We will need the storage space {desperately} for all the fun serve-ware I’ve accumulated over the years that I REFUSE to part with.

I found this beauty at Sleepy Poet today and for only $295, it is on my mind heavily…but I’m still looking:

and I found this one too…it’s a little cheaper but not as fun in color…i LOVE ^ that green!!

Here are some others I found on the web…

So if you are out and about, will you help me scope out some gems…I’m not opposed to DIY either…might actually be a fun thing to cove on the blog, so just let me know.

I’ll leave you with this photo from design*sponge. This is my ideal pantry…it reminds me of my friend, Nicole, she has the most organized pantry of anyone I know (and always has FUN snacks in there too!). I will probably have to commission her to come help me organize my stuff once we move:)


Emersonmade on design*sponge

Happy Tuesday!

Make It Monday | Mum’s the Word

Not like silence, but like British for Mom:) Happy May to You! This first week of May is already jam-packed with events…some of which are my all-time favorites…Thursday is Cinco de Mayo!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this day and then Saturday is the season-culminating Girls on the Run 5K and then Sunday is MOTHER’s Day!!

I have a lot of friends who will celebrate their first ever Mother’s Day as mothers this year! I look forward to celebrating this day as a mother myself one day, but until then, I will continue to shower my Mother and the mothers around me with LOTS of love:) If you are looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, here are a few great “Do It Yourself” spa ideas to pamper your mother:

Homemade Body Scrub


Awhile back, I had a friend that would make these sugar and salt scrubs for her friends and I’ve always thought it is a great gift to give. I mean, everyone loves soft skin, right?! I still use my sugar scrub everyday and it’s helped my sensitive skin and saves me $ because I don’t need to use lotion. There are a lot of homemade body scrub “recipes” out there, but here is a simple one from Martha that I’ve used many times before:

Tools and Materials
Body oil, I ❤ Burt’s Bees
Epsom salt, sea salt or organic cane sugar
Glass or Plastic Jar with Lid
Lemon zest

Combine 1 cup of body oil with 2 cups of Epsom or sea salts or organic cane sugar (depending on how fine a grain you like). We added lemon zest for color and fragrance. Package in jars (plastic is safest by the tub).

Tub Teas

Recently I popped into my local Paper Source store for my monthly visit and I saw these super cute bathtub tea bags filled with yummy smelling herbs and I thought, “man, these would be super easy to make” and I was right! Martha was thinking the same thing and here is her recipe for these super cute calming tea bags:

Tools and Materials
Heat-sealable tea bags,
Lavender buds,
Chamomile buds,
Peppermint leaves,
Dried organic lemon verbena,

Fill heat-sealable tea bags (perfect for one bath) with 1/4 cup lemon verbena, lavender, peppermint, or chamomile. For small bags, top 5 1/4-inch starched muslin circles with 1 tablespoon of botanicals; tie with waxed twine. Giving a few of these in different scents lets bathers customize each bath.


Teacup Candles



Remember back a couple months when I featured vintage teacups as jewelry organizers? Well, here is another way (from Martha of course) to use these super cute teacups and boy is it easy…don’t be intimidated by words like “wicking” or “nested pans”…you work with what you’ve got and Michael’s craft store should have everything you need:

Tools and Materials
Nested pans
Partially burned candles
Candy or candle thermometer
New wicking
Wick sustainers
Wooden skewers

Teacup Lights How-To
1. In a small pan set over a larger pan of simmering water, melt down old candles; clip the thermometer to the upper pot, and keep temperature at about 185 degrees. Remove old wicks with tongs.

2. Cut a piece of wicking to the cup’s height plus 2 inches. Clamp one end to a wick sustainer; tie the other end around a skewer. Dip wicking and sustainer into melted wax to coat them. Remove and stick sustainer to cup’s bottom.


3. Pour in the wax, stopping 1/2 inch below the cup’s rim. Allow wax to set, about 1 hour. The candle will harden with a well in the center. To even it out, use another skewer to prick a circle of holes about 1/16 inch deep around the wick. Pour in melted wax until surface is 1/4 inch below rim. Cut wick.

Happy Monday! Happy Mother’s Day Crafting!