Pay It Forward – January 2011

So awhile back a couple friends of mine introduced me to Mark & Jessie Mathis and their band, Public Radio. I don’t actually know Mark and Jessie too well in person, but I’ve been an avid follower of Jessie’s blog about their sweet daughter, Sparrow Song for the last couple of months. Some of my best friends are actually good friends with this extraordinary couple and from what I hear, they are pretty stellar. I finally got the chance to see Public Radio live a couple weeks ago when they played at the One Amazing Kid Reunion Show and I LOVED them.

They are trying to produce a new album and the way they are doing it is really revolutionary in my mind. Through a project called Kickstarter, they are trying to raise funds directly from fans in order to produce their album. Did you know that less than 5% of music is purchased legitimately?? So, please enjoy this amazing video created by my good friends at Ed*Field Pictures, take a listen to Public Radio’s previous work and consider a donation today! A donation of $10 gets you a digital copy of the new album before it’s public release:)


Resolve, 2011

Okay, so I know…I haven’t posted since OCTOBER!! That’s like the kiss of death in the blogging world, but the worst part is that I have no good excuse. I’ve been in a nasty creative/blogging/design funk the last couple of months. Not sure why…I think with all the amazingly creative blogs and artists out there, I got a little intimidated and a little down in the “design-dumps”…a little design identity crisis, if you will. Does that make sense?

The holidays were GREAT…busy, but great visiting with my family, with Jay’s family and some of our greatest friends. Jay gave me one of the best gifts ever, he organized my office space! Not just moving stuff here to there, he went to one of favorite antique malls, Sleepy Poet, and picked up some super old (and awesome) shelves, drawers and more. Here is a photo of the greatness:

Not only did he help me get organized, he helped the gears start turning again (hey-yo!)…and he helped spark some creativity:) It all got me thinking. As 2011 rolled in, I thought about my resolutions for the new year. As for this blog, I’ve decided to focus in a little on a couple of my passions. I “love” a lot of things and could write a ton about them BUT having too many ideas of fun stuff causes me to freeze up and not write anything. SO…I am introducing 2 new sections:

Every “Make It Monday” we will tackle all things crafty and creative. I am a sucker for D.I.Y. stuff, party details, etc…and even more of a fanatic for stationery and invitations of the homemade kind.

Foodie Fridays is actually a challenge of sorts. When I got married 4 years ago, I knew how to make a mean breakfast burrito and that’s about it, so I decided I would teach myself how to cook by making a new recipe every night…and I did this (minus most weekends) for 5-6 months straight!! I’m not causing a frenzy in the kitchen with the same frequency as I was before BUT I am still committed to expanding my cooking skills and my recipe collection and I am challenging you to do the same. Every Friday I will post a new, yummy recipe to try. If you are game.. join my fun food adventure and channel your inner “Top Chef” and make the weekly recipe along with me. Be sure to come back and comment, let me know how the recipe went…did you like it? was it cost-effective? what challenges did you face? etc…Sounds like fun, huh??

The last of my “new” sections will be a monthly feature:

Each month I will choose a cause, a ministry, a need and feature it here on the blog. If you feel inclined, pass it along and do what you think is right for the “least of these”. If you have a need, a ministry, etc., please email me here: jessica{at}

Here’s to a new year, full of smiles, of travels, new adventures, new insights, fun crafts, delicious recipes and an overall good time…to 2011! Cheers:)