Make It Monday | Refrigerator Magnets & Lent

Happy Monday, friends! Despite the rain, I had a great weekend…super relaxing and with the kick-off of my church’s Saturday night service, ridiculously thought-provoking. Our pastor, Jonathan Martin, is awesome…I mean, as a person, he is SUPER cool but as a pastor, God uses him to speak raw truth…questioning and challenging the way things “are” or “seem”. This Saturday, he delivered some bombshells…one of my favorites being:

‎”A gospel that does not utterly transform you into someone else is not worth believing.”

and even more

“Why settle for mere forgiveness when you are offered a whole new way of being human…when we could become people of the future?”

He challenged that Jesus’ enemies didn’t seek to kill him because he was merely going around selling “eternal life insurance”…that wasn’t the threat…the threat was His truth of becoming something/someone different and that was extremely provocative  because it threatened freedom from anything and anybody. What’s the sense of being “just like everyone else, but forgiven”? That’s not threatening or provoking…that’s boring and we were all called to be more than that.

I invite you to go watch the Podcast from this past weekend. It was truly awesome! Sorry to hit you with the “deep” before I dive into the crafty, but these thoughts have been plaguing my mind all weekend.

Now for the crafts! We are still trying to sell our home and in the process, trying to organize everything from papers on my craft desk (RIDICULOUS) to trying to find some order to the mess that is on our refrigerator. I never have enough magnets (or maybe I have too much stuff on there…but whatever) and so I went on a search last night for ways to make my own magnets and here are some of the goodies I found…Enjoy!

{Martha Stewart Button Magnet DIY seen on Oh Hello Friend}

{Puzzle Piece Magnets via Real Simple}

{Vintage Milk Bottle Cap Magnets via design*sponge}

{Adorable Matchbook Magnets via Apartment Therapy}

and then lastly, one of my favorite finds via Aesthetic Outburst…combining my love for typography and letters with rustic woodsy stuff:

{Check Out the DIY Tutorial on Aesthetic Outburst’s Blog}

Have you ever made your own magnets? If so, please share you ideas!

And I end today’s post with thoughts on Lent. Being raised Southern Baptist, we never recognized or participated in Lent, but I’ve managed to learn about and start participating in this special time since college. In the past, I’ve given up TV, coffee, etc. This year I’m not quite sure what I will give up…so far I’m debating giving up Facebook (since I inadvertently check it AT LEAST 20x’s a day without realizing it?!), Sugar and processed foods or maybe TV again??

I’ve got a couple days to decide, but what are you giving up??