Bucket List | NSS 2011

In two days, I board a plane – with my dear friend Kristin – headed to one of my favorite cities, NYC! We’ve planned a super fun trip to visit our college roomie and one of my best friends, Marie. I am super stoked for our girls’ weekend and have already started making a list of things to do and places to eat (FYI…my favorite thing to do in NY is EAT!).

Here is a picture of Marie and I last year (I’ve made this NYC trip an annual event that I plan to continue for YEARS and YEARS):

with that said, I will also be the CLOSEST I’ve ever been to one of my Bucket List items…


see the awesomeness

Due to a work conflict every year, I have yet to attend this amazing event…until now…

I am trying to figure out a way to stop by on Sunday before I head out to the airport to fly home…some of my most favorite designers will be there and I would LOVE to see their booths! Not sure how it’s all going to work out or if it will even happen, but I will be within a couple blocks of the Javits Center and that is the closest I’ve ever been…mark my words though, I WILL go someday.

Hopefully that someday is this weekend, but we will see.

For today, I’ll leave you with some sneak peeks at my favorite vendors…I would love to meet some of these folks. Between Twitter and their blogs, I already love these folks and I’ve never even met them:)

Edizioni by Studio Carta

Click Here to View the Wholesale Catalogue


Dingbat Press



I Can’t Tell Which Ones Are Weeds



Bella Figura



Chewing the Cud – SOOOOO obsessed with their stuff:)



Cross your fingers for me!! Happy Wednesday:)

Just trying to “Make It” Monday…

I am exhausted.

I’m trying to muster the creativity to post an amazing DIY or craft idea today, but I am really just trying to “make it” through the day. If I see another paint brush or paint roller or paint can that says “Tobacco Road” I think I might go crazy…I’m already starting to twitch just thinking about it. Last week was supposed to be our Spring Break from the school my hubby and I work at, but I worked two days and he single-handedly put together the school’s yearbook in 2 days…then, we meet with our Realtor to talk strategy for selling our house this Spring.

We’ve had a good number of showings since we put it on the market in October, but with the start of Spring comes the busy (hopefully) realty season. One of the major suggestions was that we paint our “crazy color” rooms. Our kitchen, hallway, office and living room:

So based on the suggestion that “Tobacco Road” is the BEST for neutrals – we started painting walls and TRIM (hatred). We got the hallway, living room and kitchen painted after 5 full days of painting and cleaning. In all of that, I managed to learn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls (via Pioneer Woman) from my friend (and SUPER talented baker) Nicole and her sweet little Magnolia…

AND co-host a Baby Sprinkle for my dear friend, Rachael of letterstoames.com (expecting TWIN GIRLS soon!)…

AND somehow managed to keep it real on the marriage front with dinner and a movie (the Fighter!) with my AMAZING and super-hot! work-horse of a husband.

Here is the fruit of our PAINT labor…SOOO toned down from what it was before, but it is helping me detach myself from the house in order to sell it…speaking of, if you know of anyone wanting to buy a SUPER cute house in Rock Hill, SC, send them to our Web site!

All-in-all it was a great week/end, but super exhausting and I regret not spending more of it outside in the 80-degree weather, but I’m looking forward to a good week this week. I did manage to book my plane ticket to visit one of my most favorite friends from college (MARIE!) in NYC with my other favorite college buddy, Kristin, in May. I also realized that I will be there the SAME time (well, Sunday at least) as the 2011 National Stationery Show. Not sure I’ll actually make it in the building but lord knows I’ll be super close AND it is a dream of mine to attend someday…so we will see.

I’ve got 2-3 new recipes I am trying this week, so maybe one of them will be good enough to feature on Foodie Friday. Have any of you tried any of the recipes that have been featured so far?? Which ones did you like??

Have a good week, friends:)