Tea Party Invitations…Part Deux

I think after two orders for these specific invitations, I should officially name the collection, right? Maybe since they were first created for my friend, April, and her baby shower, I will name it the “Ethne Rain Collection” after her daughter, Ethne Rain Calnin. 

There it is…these tea party invitations are officially dubbed the Ethne Rain Collection. How fun is that! So, got an order for these invites, but changing the baby-terms to bridal. I think I have reached my limit on the handcrafting though…50 invitations is going to be the max for hand-making all the elements to this design. My poor hands look like they got in a slap fight with my x-acto knife…its all well worth it though to have that fun handcrafted look, right?!?

Enjoy the latest! Oh and ps…if you need any invitations for any event, please let me know…I do take orders and LOVE to do it. Email me here.

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