Word(s) for 2019

The new year is funny. Honestly, January 1 is just another day. I mean, in reality, we get a new chance, a new fresh start, every time the sun sets and we are blessed to wake with a new morning…Every. Day.

Whether it’s September 15th, April 2nd or February 22nd, we have the choice each time we wake to approach the day as one with a purpose, a plan, a goal.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of expectation and anticipation that comes with the new calendar year. I used to set silly goals that made me laugh, lofty goals I never would be able to achieve without a large random rain of cash or even some easy peasy ones so that I could feel accomplished.

This year, I knew better than to approach the new year with those mindsets. I feel like at 35 years old, I’m closer to knowing who I am, accepting it and finding a way to be proud of it. For the most part this year, I’ve avoided comparing myself to others, I feel the most comfortable in my skin than I ever have, I have a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging. I’ve taken a wide range of “discover yourself” tests, classes, etc. I’m an “I/D” on the Disc, I’m an “influencer/relationship builder” on StrengthsFinder, I’m an ENFJ on Myers Briggs, I’m a 3w2 on the Enneagram, I’m a “Performer” on the Sparketype…on and on and on. I need no more tests to tell me who I am…they all say the same thing…so, I get it now.

This year, I began the new year approaching goals for 2019 in a more reflective way. My friend, Keia, passed along this incredibly helpful resource, Unravel Your Year by Susannah Conway. Over the holiday break, with coffee in hand and a quiet place to work, I dove into reflecting on 2018…What did I embrace? What did I let go of? What changed? What am I most grateful for? Accomplishments? What have I learned? Situations that tested your limits? Favorite moments? etc…

My word or intention for 2018 was Kintsugi…the art of repairing broken pottery with gold, but more abstractly applied to my life. Healing took place and all of those “discover yourself” tests also played their part as well. Healing happened, this blog happened, Freckled Fork dinner parties & catering gigs happened, travel happened…this year was Exciting…full of Experiences…and full of Growth.

As I thought of my plans for 2019, the exercise that helped me the most was the YES/NO lists of “Things I’m saying YES to in 2019” and “Things I’m saying NO to in 2019”. YES to my health (mental & physical), YES to discipline and pulling away from the social media suck, YES to a manageable work schedule, YES to reading actual books, YES to intentional friendships, boundaries, patience & grace and a LOT of fun w/Amelia & Jay.

NO to debt, NO to social media binging, NO to excessive screen time, NO to selfishness and anger, NO to needing to be in control, NO to over-committing, NO to fear and an unhealthy focus on my body.

Instead of choosing one word or intention for this year, I had a FEW that kept resurfacing throughout my time of reflection. I did choose one main intention and then a few additional words to help me focus on certain areas of my life:


My main word for the year….to clarify & improve, to remove impurities, to make better, more defined. I love the life we have built so far, I am beginning to like who I am and speak life into who I want to be. I don’t need nor want a major life overhaul, I need refinement, discipline. All areas of my life could use some refining at this point.


My intention for my work life in 2019 — to improve & grow by attention, labor & practice. I’ve been a graphic designer now going on 15+ years, I don’t want to get comfortable or lazy in that work. I want to grow and improve. And who knows what this year has in store for The Freckled Fork?! Not me, but I know I want to continue practicing, reading and learning everything I can about food, cooking and the joy of being around the table.


My intention for my health & for my relationships in 2019 — to cherish, foster, strengthen and build. I crave discipline and intention to move my body and stay strong. I need to watch less TV (rewatching 90210 should NOT take priority over real life:) I want to nourish my relationships with my husband, my daughter, my family and my friends.


This word kept coming up in one form or another and in my desires for our home and for our finances in 2019 — to create an atmosphere of well-being, warmth & coziness, being at peace & able to enjoy simple pleasures; being IN THE PRESENT. We moved in our new home and neighborhood (Shoutout to Oakhurst!) a year ago and of course, things are still not fully “together” and functional like we would want. So this year, room by room, I want to start that process. Finances are CRAZY. Last year we were HEAVILY burdened by a crazy tax bill and frankly, still trying to climb out of that madness, so for finances, I want to go back to the place where we were disciplined with our spending, living MORE with less, doing life and making intentional decisions as to where our money will go.

I know this post is WAY longer than my usual and not really about food at all, but accountability comes with sharing out the plans we have, so I guess if anything, I’ve typed this out for my little slice of the blogging world to see in a way to hold myself accountable. To “speak” it all into existence.

Happy 2019! What’s your intention for the year?

And because this is primarily a food blog, here’s a picture of food. Not just ANY food, but my very first attempt at making dessert. I’m terrible at baking (the precision is my weakness), but new year, new goals, new risks…Here’s my first attempt at Lemon Ginger Bars. They were incredible. <3

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